A mindful Christmas

Christmas can be such a beautiful time, but it’s very easy to get swept up in the commercialism. By being more mindful, we can add intention, slowness and presence – and ultimately enjoy the holidays far more. So! Here are some ideas for a more conscious Christmas.

GO ON A CHRISTMAS LIGHTS ADVENTURE Take a walk around your neighbourhood, go for a drive, head down to a shopping centre, or even just sit and enjoy the lights on your own Christmas tree for an exciting adventure! Enjoy all the different colours, characters, lights, music and patterns.

A RANDOM ACT OF KINDNESS Christmas is a great opportunity to do random acts of kindness and to help make a difference for others. You could donate to a charity (or ask someone to donate for you in lieu of a Christmas gift), give away items you don’t need anymore, bake Christmas treats for your friends, send a thoughtful letter to a loved one, volunteer your time to help others, or leave a surprise gift for someone.

SPEND TIME WITH THE PEOPLE YOU LOVE Possibly the most simple activity, but by far the most important, and definitely my favourite! Christmas can easily be a busy and overwhelming time, but it’s a wonderful opportunity to spend time with the people we love. Take some time out and make a conscious effort to allow time to be with family and friends. Cook a meal, listen to music, go ice skating… whatever makes you happy! Have a giggle and make some memories.

MAKE A CHRISTMAS CARD AND WRITE A KIND NOTE INSIDE Enjoy being creative with this one! Keep it simple and draw your favourite Christmas image, use washi tape, paint, re-purpose old cards or wrapping paper… Let your imagination guide you! Take the time to notice the textures and colours of any materials you use, and to allow yourself the freedom to explore the creativity. Try to avoid comparing your creation to anything – just trust, and enjoy the process. When you’re finished creating, hand write a meaningful message on the inside.

WRAP A GIFT MINDFULLY Gift wrapping is one of my FAVOURITE parts of Christmas. I love taking time choosing the paper, the ribbon and bows, and really taking the time to create a beautiful gift. I love imagining the recipient opening them, the smile on their face!Take your time (perhaps with a nice drink, music playing or your favourite Christmas film in the background) and pay attention to the wrapping! Immerse yourself in the small stuff – the folds, the ribbon – make it mindful.

MAKE A DELICIOUS CHRISTMAS TREAT We couldn’t have Christmas without some naughty food! Make yourself something REALLY yummy – a hot chocolate with marshmallows, gingerbread, Christmas cake… Treat yourself and take the time to taste it, to enjoy it. No rush. Sheer indulgence!

Namaste x

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