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Autumn Mindfulness

Hi Yogis and Yoginis,

So it looks like autumn has finally arrived! The leaves are turning, and the winter wardrobe has started to make an appearance. While you might be missing the sun, now is a time for introspection as we begin to take stock of the year and prepare for the winter months. So i’d like to remind you of the most important element of yoga – self-care. It’s so easy to rush around looking after everyone else, and this time of year reminds us to SLOW down. To enjoy the journey.So that said, how about trying one of these ideas and let me know how you get on!

  • Visit a new place just because you can.
  • Take an early morning walk by the beach.
  • Go to a coffee shop, order your favourite drink and take a moment to savour it.
  • Do some art! Whatever that means to you.
  • Book a massage. Take time out.
  • Run a bubble bath. Put some music on, and soak your worries away.
  • Try the meditation below.

Namaste x

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