Change your thoughts, change the world

Our minds are busy things, constantly analysing, interpreting and whirring away. Everything you think, feel and ultimately express, is moving out from you and impacting on the world around you. You are altering the universe just by being. Each thought acting like a ripple, moving out and creating small movements in your environment – whether you are conscious of it or not.

So our thoughts create waves in our lives – both positive and negative – and just like a wave crashing on the shore, your thoughts not only affect the world around you, but they return to you, and impact on you. So for that reason, we need to be mindful of our thoughts so they can work for us, and not against us. If our thoughts are positive, if we focus on gratitude, love and enjoyment of the world, then we feel good inside and out! Likewise, we know what it is like to have a negative thought play on our mind, erode our confidence and lead us to darker spaces of our mind.

Mindfulness of thoughts takes huge awareness, as well as practice. The Universe is a beautiful thing. It is energy, and it responds to our energy. We can choose which energy we give out, and the Universe will respond accordingly. By focusing on the positive, we raise our vibration. We begin to attract more positive elements into our lives. We slowly change the world around us, bit by bit, positively impacting others. In turn, we draw our mind to light bright spaces, to love.

Be the change you want to see in the world. Spread the light.

Namaste x

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