Christmas Charity Yoga

Hi Yogis and Yoginis,

So we’ve made it! Christmas is just around the corner and we are coming into a time of reflection. Yule is just around the corner – a traditional festival from the 21st December when we celebrate the Winter Solstice, and the return of the sun – albeit slowly! I love this time of year. Yes, it’s dark in the mornings and by the time i’m home from work, but it gives us time to be quiet. To reflect on the year and make new plans. And new plans are ALWAYS exciting. BUT. Before we drift into the new year, there is still time to join me for practice this week. Join us on the 19th or 25th to fight off the dark (and mince pies!) and slow down.


Tuesday 19th December Week 7 of our Chakra course6-7pm Stanpit Village Hall, £7.50

Monday 25th December Charity Beach Yoga11:30am Avon Beach, suggested £5 donation

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