Confessions of a yoga mama…

This week has been exhausting. Lovely, but exhausting. Im 37weeks now and totally ready to meet this little dude. Had a lovely time celebrating with friends who threw a beautiful baby shower for us at the beach; cake, tea, balloons, sea and sand.

Today I didn’t want to get up. A good night’s sleep is a distance memory, the car was iced up and the bed was SO toasty warm! Everything ached and motivation was at 0%.

I’ll be honest. I opened up messager and was ready to send a text to say I wasn’t coming. But I stopped. Breathed. And made myself get sorted.

Class was AMAZING. It was exactly what my body needed, even if my mind wasn’t convinced at the time. It gave me space to honour my body, rather than sit in the cold gloomy mood of this morning. And as I sat in meditation, noticing the energy drop in my body, I knew I’d made the right choice.

Those days where you really feel you’re not up for yoga? We all have them. THOSE are the days where yoga is EXACTLY the right medicine.

Keep up the practice. You’ll never feel sorry that you claimed your moment of calm.

Namaste X

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