Dharana is the process of holding the attention of the mind onto one object or place. The sanscript work Dharana comes from the word dhri which means ‘to hold firm’. The focusing of the mind on one point, internal or external, not only focuses the mind but also our energy. This focusing calms the mind (chitta), readying it for dhyana.

When you have been practicing Dharana during yoga, you will find it begins to overflow into daily life, helping concentration in many different areas, and making life a little easier. It allows us to focus, without the mind running in a different direction. This is particularly valuable when we are experiencing strong emotions – it helps us keep balance.

Concentration is the binding of the mind’s attention

How to practice:

  • Listening to external sound
  • Visualising mystic diagrams
  • Mantras
  • Visualisations
  • Focus on breath

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