Energetic awareness – what are you creating?

We often talk about energy in class, but what does this really mean?

When I talk about energy, sure, there is an element of reference to Physical energy – this is the energy we are all familiar and comfortable talking about. Usually, we are able to acknowledge when our physical energy feels low, grab a cuppa and put our feet up, take some time for a favourite past time, and slow down.

But what about the rest of our being? We are more than the physical – the yogic teachings share the idea of multiple sheaths of energy, our Koshas – and it is these other layers of being that we often neglect. Our heart space. Our soul space.

I have become incredibly mindful of my energy lately. Becoming aware, sometimes painfully, of people, places or situations which no longer serve to lift my energies.

Sometimes these realisations creep up on you over time, slowly noticing that something just feels off. No longer allowing you to be completely at ease. You realise that you’ve made excuses not to meet that person, not to go to that place, and that when you step back and look into your heart space, you know why – You no longer want to. It no longer brings joy. Other times it feels like a kick in the face and you can’t help but notice the energetic shift around you.

So what can you do when your awareness comes forward?

The last couple of weeks, scrap that, the last few months(!) have been thrown at me full force. With illnesses, bereavements, and (what sometimes feels like) endless stumbling blocks. It would be very easy to allow my internal chatter to shift to the negative. Anyone who knows me knows it hasn’t been easy of late. But allowing that voice to take over? That’s not something I am prepared to allow. Sure, there are days where it is louder, but I see those days as a reminder, a wake up call that things are getting off balance. That I need to focus on MY energy once more.

We each have our own way of energy clearing, whether you are consciously choosing to clear or not. While it is easy to suggest a whole host of holistic treatments and sessions which are very clearly created to help clear and boost energy (Gong Baths, Yoga Nidra, Hatha… they all serve to cleanse and reboot our bodies in SO many ways!), it’s not always a practical option.

With limited time, resources, finances, it’s easy to let these choices fall by the wayside.

So what then?

We go back to our roots. Back to the things that make us feel JOY. The things that truly light us up and allow us to come back to ourselves.

Maybe you carve out some time for a bubble bath and a good book.

There is nothing quite as scrummy as the crunch of Autumn leaves!

We connect in with nature – have you noticed there is a place which calls to you? For me it’s the Sea, always has been. There is something so powerful about the call of the sea and I always feel most at peace watching the waves break on the shore. (My Reiki master is always telling me I am connected to the Mermaids, she may be right!)

Rebalance with healthy, nutritious, soul soothing food. This time of year I am always reaching for gorgeous home made bread and warming soups. Filling, warm, comfort in a cup. Perfect.

But most importantly. (And this is the hard one). Stop. Cancel. Move away from the places, people, things which are depleting your energy.

In order to honour our own being, our own energy, we not only have to make sure that we are topped up (no-one can serve from an empty cup), but we have to stop feeling so damn guilty for avoiding those things which damage our energy. Which dim our light.

10 easy ways to protect your energies:

  1. Avoid comparing yourself to others. Remember their journey is their own, and our perception of situations is not always the truth.
  2. Spend time alone. Re-connection with self, enjoying the quiet, this is important!
  3. Stop trying to please others. You cannot keep everyone happy. Look after yourself.
  4. Speak kindly to yourself and others.
  5. Let go of things you can’t control. Trust in the Universe.
  6. Don’t do anything that doesn’t feel right. Trust your gut instinct.
  7. Avoid gossip and negative talk.
  8. Stay away from people who drain your energy.
  9. Make taking care of yourself the priority. THEN you can serve others.
  10. Follow the joy. Do the things which light you up.

We have to remind ourselves that we have CHOICE.

We can choose to surround ourselves with positivity, light and happiness – or allow ourselves to be in situations which deplete our energies and leave us wanting.

By choosing, we are creating space for new and wonderful energies to come into our lives.

We are standing in authentic truth. We are truly loving ourselves.

Remember: You are a powerful co-creator of your own reality.

How will you use that power?

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  1. Angela

    Thank you so much for this amazing blog Danni.. you’re such a talented writer. I cannot begin to tell you how perfect the timing of this advice is for me ✨ I’ve been following your work for a long time and wanting to join one of your classes, but life has indeed been getting in the way. I’ll make it though.. the universe has spoken ? Much love to you xx

    1. Danni

      Thank you for such beautiful words! I am so pleased that the blog resonated with you. Hope you can join us soon x

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