Finding the middle way

Over the last few weeks, our Yin practice has taken us on a journey through the Yamas – the ideals, observances, outlined by Patanjali in The Yoga Sutras as a means to connect more deeply with the divine.

This week we arrived at Bramacharya – moderation.

The literal meaning is to ‘walk with the divine’. Historically, this meant abstinence – sitting with your spiritual teacher, retreating to a place of sanctuary – cutting yourself off from the world and devoting all your time to communing with the divine.

Today, we can interpret Brahmacharya as moderation – finding the middle way. This requires us to look at our energy and try to bring awareness to how we are using it. Not expending energy when it is not needed, and in ways which are not beneficial – focusing our energy with laser precision. Connecting inwards to find something greater, something more significant that just our individual self.

By connecting inwards, by noticing and truly being present, we can concentrate our energy. In doing so, we can then align ourselves to our spiritual path.

With the constant shifting in the world at the moment, there has never been a better time to move inwards. Circumstances are forcing us to slow down, and in doing so we are collectively beginning to notice our energy. Our effect on the world around us.

The silence is deafening. When we sit in silence, we suddenly become aware of the parts of our lives that have been draining us or fortifying us. It gives us opportunity for deep reflection, and with this renewed connection to Self, it allows us to realign with our core values and intentions.

So as we move through these uncertain times, I urge you to enjoy the stillness that is being gifted to you. If you’re constantly busy and on the go, use the time to slow down and just BE. If you tend to be slow and steady, instead use the time to light a fire on a new project and enjoy the space that creates.

Find the middle ground.

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Looking forward to holding space for you all.


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