Full Moon Blessings

The full moon is nearly here and isn’t she magnificent?

This Full Moon is Piscean, reminding us to go gently with our feelings. It’s easy to get swept up in emotions, but by being present and staying aware, we can acknowledge thoughts and emotions, without being ruled by them. So be aware this weekend, allow for honest conversation, but from a place of love and kindness.

It is also the Harvest Moon, a time of abundance. A reminder to look back at our journey and check in, making sure we are thankful of our achievements and on the right path moving forward. These moments of introspection may cause big emotions to rise, but whether you feel you are on your path or have strayed far from you hearts calling, bringing awareness allows us to stop, breathe, and go forward once more.

So this Full Moon, release anything which no longer serves, and step forward with an open heart ready to receive the wonders the Universe has to offer.

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