Full Moon in Capricorn

Today is another beautiful full moon! We are travelling through a period of intense energy – this potency brought on by many combining factors, but led by three eclipses over the next month.

The Full Moon is a time for cleansing. To release ourselves from possessions, relationships, patterns, habits or emotional baggage which is no longer serving us. This may bring emotions to the forefront. Don’t run from them. Explore the emotions rising within. Dig deep into those feelings and ask yourself, “What is it I am holding onto which no longer serves me?”

The Capricorn Full Moon is all about productivity and practicality. So what do you need to do to be able to move forward? Where is there resistance? What would it look like if all of that dropped away?

Take some time for yourself this evening to bask in her energies and set your intention. If you feel called to, listen to this guided meditation and allow your intuition to guide you.

Namaste x

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