Happy New Year

Hi Yogis and Yoginis,

With the new year looming, we are often drawn to make resolutions and set goals. But while this is very admirable, just take a moment to make sure they are realistic. Rather than focusing on what you WANT, maybe look inside to see what you NEED, how things make you FEEL.I always start the new year by printing my resolutions and framing them, so they sit in my house as a reminder. Below is from 2017:

I still have to finish this years, but I do know I’m going to be adding daily meditation to the list. To cultivate my connection to self. To bring more balance and insight. Focusing on myself like this each morning, I bring a happier and more grounded self to the world, and can better support everything I do. For me, it’s something that I rave about ALL the time, but often find I’m too busy to practice what I preach. I’m already on day 6 (there is nothing like just getting started!) and loving the clarity meditation brings each morning.

If you’re yet to make a resolution, I urge you to ditch the unrealistic crazy goals we often have, and make one small change to bring happiness to you and others this coming year.

I hope you have a magical 2018.

Namaste xx

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