Lammas Celebrations

It’s mid-summer and the sunshine is back once more, a perfect setting for the first of the harvest festivals – Lammas. At Lammas, we remember the Goddess as Earth Mother, as Demeter and Ceres. Representing the fullness of the cycle, the fulfilment of the present harvest, as well as holding onto the seeds for the future. She brings deep awareness to the future, knowing that winter is now approaching, and noticing the changing world around us.

Lammas is a time for abundance – for manifestation, possibility and achievements. So take a moment today to think about what you are currently gathering? What achievements have been made? What seeds have been sown for the future? Take time to connect with yourself.

Things to do at Lammas

  • Enjoy a cuppa – Mint has long been a revered herb, believed to have protective and healing properties. For hedgewitches, mint represents abundance and plenty. Make yourself a cup of mint tea and enjoy the healing it brings.
  • Bake bread – As lammas is traditionally about harvest, it was also the time to bake bread. As if we need an excuse to make our homes smell utterly delicious! Home made bread is delicious, why not try out this simple recipe?
  • Pick your own sunflowers- Sunflowers represent harvest, their circular seed pattern drawing us to a new future. Fill your home with colour!
  • Watch the sunset – grab a blanket, a bottle of your favourite treat, and share the abundance with friends.

Namaste x

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