Living with the cycles – what Autumn can teach us.

I was sat looking out of my window this morning, admiring the warmth of the sun while wrapped up from the chill of an October wind. Leaves are turning yellow, caught dancing in the breeze. Some are so bright they look like they have been dipped in fire. One by one, these beautiful leaves, which have worked SO hard to provide life since the spring, are releasing their hold and letting go.
This is the beauty of Autumn.

Winter asks us to slow down. To relish those cosy nights in, snuggley knits, hot chocolate and a good film. It makes us reflect on the past, to absorb the lessons, to learn and digest, ready to move forward but waiting. Always patient. It allows us vital time to go inwards and look at what our heart space is telling us, without the need to act. Simply to observe and BE.
Spring teaches us to be patient, to wait for those first signs of life changing the landscape from browns to green. Bringing forth life. It teaches us to wait – a great reminder that everything comes in it’s own time, there is no rush to the process of true growth.

Summer is vibrant, a quick flash of colour and energy. Summer is full of joy, of laughter and connection – whether that is more time in the evenings to be with friends and family, or simply connecting with nature.
Autumn is different again. Days grow shorter, we move to a period of preparation. Of release. Autumn is a period of intense transformation – leaves fade from green, to yellow and orange, gold. Autumn reveals. The potential was always there; the beauty of the colours waiting in those green leaves from Spring to Summer. The leaves release their hold, and their true colours shine through.

Autumn reminds us that we cannot experience true growth, we cannot explore the new, before releasing the old. We have to make space – both physically and mentally. We have to go INWARDS – which can be quite unnerving if we are TRULY listening to our souls speak. Here we wait, listen, move through winter ready to bloom again once those lessons have been learned.

Autumn teaches us to release and to enjoy the cyclical nature of life – something that in our busy day to day lives, it is very easy to forget. It teaches us to enjoy the journey rather than focus on the outcome, for in the journey we LEARN. Everything rises and falls, we breathe in and out, we become something new.

So enjoy this time. Let go. Release. Enjoy the lesson Autumn has to offer.

Namaste x

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