Mabon celebrations

Autumn is on its way, and Mabon is here – The Autumn Equinox. Mabon is a point of balance, half way through our wheel of the year, with night and day being of equal length before the darker evenings set in. This is a time of transition, on the cusp of Winter as the cycle moves to completion.

Mabon is the second of the harvest festivals – celebration the abundance around us, our hard work has paid off and we can enjoy reaping the rewards. It is also a time of rest. Looking back over a busy spring and summer, and slowing down as we move towards Yule.

Ways to celebrate Mabon

Plant bulbs – Planting for the next season is a relaxing way to celebrate Mabon. Looking forward to a dark winter, laying in wait for the spring. As you plant each bulb, bring awareness to a hope, idea, or change you wish to see in your life. Then sit back and allow those seeds to grow!

Dorset Apple Cake – Apples are a sacred symbol of harvest. It is a symbol of immortality, healing and rejuvenation. Cut width ways, it also creates a pentagram – a traditional pagan symbol which acknolwedges all elements (Earth, Air, Wind, Fire, Water) and the compass (North, South, East, West). In this, the apple represents a full circle. So this is a great time to use apples, and why not make some scrumptious Dorset Apple Cake? Check out this recipe (and feel free to bring some to session to share!)

Go for a walk – Get back in touch with nature, see what she has to offer you at this time of harvest. Pick blackberries, collect Sloes, make jam – just make sure you leave enough for everyone else too.


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