Following the path

Following the path

Life spirals. We move and shift and come into knowing, over and over and over. When we open our eyes, and our heart, we can gain clarity from even the darkest of moments, and there in lies the beauty.

The past few years have been both delicious and heartbreaking – having journeyed through loss – of jobs, of friendships, of beautiful souls – all the while experiencing the richness of life, with new soulful connections, marriage and birth, and opportunities coming to fruition.

The Soul Space has adapted and evolved throughout, and yet again, I stand at the precipice of something new and exciting. Where this path will twist and turn next, I do not know. But what I do know, is that if I follow the feeling, if I follow the calling deep within – I am going the right way. Even if the path is unexpected.

So I am here. But resting in stillness a while longer before jumping back to teaching and sessions. I know there is more to give. More to share. And slowly but surely it’s taking form.

What I have seen the last few months. What I have felt. I know I am not alone. This longing for a stillness and a depth, that many of us didn’t realise was even missing until the world stopped, and we stopped, and our hearts were heard.

So this time I am taking for me. To heal once more. To finally take time to sit with my feelings. To witness the resistance and the hurt, and to transform it to something new and wondrous. This is me, stepping further into my truth, and sharing my whole being – no masking, no hiding, no polishing. Just me sat here in my imperfection, figuring out this humanness – humanmess(!) and living life.

And as I sit here today – with those feelings of nervousness, of anxiety, rising again. I ask the universe for guidance.

And then I smile – because the message couldn’t have been any clearer.

See you all soon beautiful souls


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