Yoga Nidra and sense of Self

Yoga Nidra and sense of Self

Sometimes it is difficult to see, but we are simply the space through which emotions are able to move. When an emotion feels overwhelming, we must remember that we are the space, and not the emotion itself.

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When we forget that we are the space we can begin to lose ourselves in the totality of that emotions. It feels like that is all there is, that is all we are. We become sadness, anger, frustration, and because we believe ourselves to BE it, we BECOME it.

All Yoga practices seek to solve this internal confusions, this source of suffering. To remind us that we are not this changing state, this impermanent flux of emotions and experiences, but something separate. We are the vessel through which they move and that vessel is what allows us to see through the illusion, through to Self.

Each time you enter Yoga Nidra, we are bringing the mind into a state of awareness. Noticing our emotions, stating them clearly, and allowing them to become separate from our Self. Clearing the mind this way is akin to a mini-enlightenment! A moment of true clarity and realisation. Each time we practice, we become more adept at finding this clarity of thought, and this state becomes a more permanent part of our understanding. Each time we practice, the easier it becomes to come to stillness.

The union between the seer and the seen is the source of all suffering

Patanjali 2:!7

Come to stillness now and think about this:

Consider your Self as the Ocean. The ocean is permanent. This beautiful vast space of possibilities! Waves come and go, but the ocean always remains. The waves are not separate, but the are impermanent, arising from the source and dissolving back into the depths.

Our body and mind are the visible, the permanent, the source. Our emotions and experiences rise from the depths, but they are simply moments in time. Dissolving back to stillness as a new wave proceeds the last.

When we solely identify with one aspect of our being, we forget our source. We begin to believe that we are the waves, and in doing so, we get swept along by the emotion and the experience. In this there is suffering. 

When you can step back and remember the impermanent nature of those moments, and see our Self… that’s where the magic happens! 

That’s where we will feel the release. That’s where the stillness lies. And in stillness, we can find contentment no matter our circumstances.

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