Niyamas: Santosha

The principle of santosha refers to a connection with peace and contentment, which as a practice, draws us closer to Samadhi. When reached, this feeling of completeness and satisfaction is unconditional and does not depend on objects or attainment. Santosha represents happiness, abundance and a deep sense of unconditional gratitude.

By reaching a state of santosha, we can meditate free from our restless mind, free from objects and desires, internal conflicts and upset. Eventually, we achieve a state of stillness of mind, bringing about the peace and freedom of connectedness with the universe.

“By establishing a connection with the energetics of fulfilment while being at peace with one self in the present moment, then communion with a boundless joy manifests and deepens.”

Patanjali – Yoga Sutras

How to practice:

  • Prevent desires from controlling your thoughts
  • Live in the present moment
  • Be still within
  • Be non-attached
  • Keep life simple – live a balanced life based on simple living and high thinking
  • Learn from inner experience
  • Enjoy the bliss of present moment awareness

Namaste x

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