The ultimate goal of Yoga is Samadhi, union with the divine. At the moment of Samadhi, we are truly connected with the universe and our true Self, with no separation between the object being observed, the observer or the process of observation.

Patanjali describes 3 main types of Samadhi;

  1. Savmpranjnata Samadhi – This Samadhi is describe as ‘with a seed’, meaning that there is an object on which the mind is focusing it’s meditation. This object is known as pratyaya.
  2. Nirbija Samadhi – Described as ‘without a seed’, this Samadhi contains no pratyaya.
  3. Dharma megha Samadhi – This is the transitional state between worlds.

Patanjali goes on to explain that as we reach Dharma magha samadi, we lose our connection with human consciousness and our concept of time and space is altered. We literally become one with the universe. Human consciousness becoming one with Universal consciousness. The realisation that we are all ONE energy. The complete surrender of self.

This is the ultimate goal of the study of yoga.

Samadhi is the “Perfect union of the individualized soul with infinite spirit”

Autobiography of a Yogi, by Paramhansa Yogananda

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