The Wonderful World of Hygge

Have you heard of Hygge? If not, you’re missing out! Not only on a delicious word which has crept into the English language over the last couple of years, but on a beautiful self-care fulled way of being.

Hygge is a Danish word. The Danes are consistently at the top of the World’s Happiness rankings, but why? I know many Brits who would struggle to stay light and happy during the dark winter months, yet Denmark has much longer and colder winters than here in the UK. Their secret? It’s all in the way they live their lives – with a HUGE emphasis resting on the recognition that quality of life is important, that self-care and wellness enable us to rise, to function well as a society, and to enjoy life – even in the dark.
Hygee (pronounced “Hue-gah”) has no clear translation into English – in essence, it is the pursuit of happiness on an everyday level. It’s hot chocolate on a cold day, candle light, togetherness. It’s warm knits, snuggley boots and a warm fire. It’s focusing on the little things in life that lift us and bring us warmth. It’s not only slowing down and being present, it’s recognising the enjoyment of being present.

7 ways to embrace Hygge

Comfort food: Indulge! Think Grandma’s favourite recipes, rich hot-pots, chocolate cake, sweet coffee or a big mug of tea.

Atmosphere: Ditch the big bright lights, and dig out the fairy lights and candles. Fill your home with beautiful textiles, declutter, and enjoy the space.

No electronics: Electronics are a big distraction, and while it’s nice to snuggle on the sofa and watch a good film, sometimes it’s important to remember to switch off. Find yourself a comfy chair and a good book, and drift off into another world.

Relaxation: Time for a hot bath with rose petals and essential oils, a good book and a hot cuppa, or maybe wrap up warm and enjoy a walk in nature. Whatever helps you relax, just enjoy some time, guilt free, away from everything.

Create and learn: Taking some time out to create something or learn something new, can be an incredibly mindful. Knitting, sewing, painting, pottery, yoga, writing, photography… whatever makes your heart sing, follow that!

Company: Coming together is one of the great joys of being Human – invite your friends over, spend time together– dig out the board games, fire up the BBQ, and enjoy a laugh! Everyone needs a tribe – a drama free group where we can share, laugh and support each other.

Be grateful: Start a gratitude journal. Send thank you notes. Forgive. Be present and enjoy the little things.

Namaste x

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