What happens when authenticity and vulnerability collide?

Over the last few weeks the same word has been cropping up in conversations, in the things I’m reading and listening to, and I couldn’t have but feel it’s more than just a coincidence. Vulnerability.

It’s a word which holds a lot of power. On the surface, it’s simplistic, maybe even negative – vulnerability is messy, it’s raw, it’s something that for so long we have been told to keep to ourselves. We say “I’m okay” and brush over reality. We save our tears and frustration for closed doors, away from prying eyes. We store our deepest soul callings in order to fit in. In order to protect ourselves from what might be.

But doing this. Feeling this. Cannot be maintained. If we are hiding this vulnerability, this authenticity of self, then we are hiding our light. TRUE vulnerability means showing up. Showing up despite the mess and rawness, showing up and saying YES! I’m here. I’m feeling DEEP. I’m dreaming and being. I am standing in my truth and sharing every last part of me.

And you know what? Not everyone will like it. Not everyone appreciates the rawness of self that comes with awareness on this scale. It will scare them. It will bring up feelings of resentment, judgement, unkind words and actions. And THAT is what makes vulnerability so hard to step into.

But when you are vulnerable. When you OWN your authentic self. You are stepping into your power. And then the magic truly happens. When you open your heart, you are courageous, you are strong, and your light will SHINE! And others will see.

Your tribe will notice – like a signal fire lighting the way home – and they WILL find you.
And I tell you now. It feels bloody good when they do.

Namaste X

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