Wild Woman

With our women’s circle starting back up this month, I’ve been devouring as much information as possible around working with our power and the archetype of the wild woman.

Being a woman is sometimes a strange concept. The expectations of what a woman SHOULD be are driven home hard – whether its through personal opinions, societal norms, or the advertising industry. We are expected to BE everything and HAVE everything – the perfect family, the perfect job, the spotless house – and throughout it all to ensure that we look and play the part, and don’t rock the boat.

In the past, women who didn’t fit this criteria were labelled. Even institutionalised. For being WILD. For showing their beautiful, authentic selves. For revelry, excitement, opinion, energy! For acknowledging their own souls and shining their light.

So, this is an invitation. To BE you. All of you. Good, not so good, ALL of it.
To truly stand in your power, owning your authentic self – that is true beauty.

Namaste x

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